DIY Stickers Guide

Today I’m going to show you how to make really easy DIY stickers to use on laptops or your notebooks or for gift. Let’s get started.

What Will You Need?

You will need some sticky paper, either normal sticky paper or vinyl sticky paper, and then you will need a transparent sticky foil. You can of course use transparent duct tape. It will work just as fine. You’ll need small and big scissors. You’ll need a ruler and a cutting knife. Last thing that you’ll need is a round Sharpie or marker.

The ProcessStickers

Choose a motif, a picture, that you like. This is a picture that I drew a couple of weeks ago and I scanned it and put it on Word and made a little sheet of pictures. You’re going to take your scissors and cut your stickers.

Make sure that your edges aren’t sharp and pointy. Make them round and nice so it’s really easy for you to use them. Place your stickers on the transparent foil and cut it out. Then you’re going to remove the paper from your transparent foil and place your sticker on it. Now you can take your smaller scissors and do the same thing as before, cut around the edges so they look nice, rounded, and really professional. Make sure to really, really flatten the stickers and really make sure that there are no bubbles and the sticker and the transparent foil are sticking nicely together. That’s really going to make your sticker last longer. Take the ruler and the cutting knife and place the cutting knife aside. This will allow you to peel the back off easier.

I hope you like our small tutorial on How to Make Your Own Stickers:)

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